About us

Since 10 years the brand name SEGULA has stood for innovation, premium quality and timeless aesthetics. These fundamentals have also defined the development goals of our exclusive range of light sources.
For most people the classical incandescent light bulb is the epitome of superior artificial light. With its even light spectrum, the warm light colour and the faithful reproduction of all colours it comes very close to the evening mood in natural sunlight. With SEGULA lamps we give people back the pleasant, warm light of the incandescent bulb. They offer outstanding colour reproduction, excellent quality and a decorative look – with energy-saving, long-life LED technology. Through the careful use of traditional materials as possible and by avoiding harmful substances we strive for a high recyclability and the best possible environmental performance.
Replace incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps and energy saving lamps with highly efficient and resource-saving SEGULA LED lamps. Thus together we can contribute to preserve a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren!